Foam Mattress
The mattress is the most influential factor in determining whether your back and body are supported at night. As sleeping well is essential for your health and wellbeing, it is important to invest in a good quality mattress that offers the personalised comfort and support that you need. One of the leading benefits of foam mattress is its ability to prevent pressure points. Foam mattress does not resist weight, rather it compresses, conforming to the sleeper and distributing weight across the surface of the bed. Compared to traditional innerspring mattresses, foam mattress can reduce pressure by up to 50% or more. We can manufacture a foam mattress in a variety of densities (soft and hard) which they have a long life span. Foam mattreses are applied to nurseries ,hotels, geriatrics ,hospitals ,military and governmental organisations.

Latex Mattress
Latex is considered one of the best materials for mattress construction, due to its natural softness, breathability and resiliency. Latex is most commonly found in luxury mattresses with high price points and may be used in both the comfort layer and support core. Natural latex may be rendered using either the Dunlop or Talalay manufacturing processes; latex mattresses may also contain plasticizers, petrochemicals and other synthetic materials.

Foam mattresses for babies
We manufacture foam mattresses for your babies in order to have a quality sleep.

Our pillows come in a range of support levels to suit your sleep style. Feather-filled and down are beautifully soft, while our synthetic fillings are non-allergenic and quick to wash.

Cool Gel pillow
You're not alone if you flip your pillow to find a cool spot! Cooling fibres are woven right into the cover of this pillow and concentrated on the surface, to give you soothing, cool comfort and support. These special cooling fibres will never wash out - they're permanent and will continuously move heat away from your head and neck. The gel memory foam core adds even more coolness and gentle, cradling support. Sleep deeper, cooler, better!

Decorative Pillows
A throw pillow can be so much more than just an "extra" pillow in your home. It can be what ties your space together, what brings in a soft texture to a space, or what brightens up a dark room. It is amazing how something as simple as a few decorative throw pillows can change the look of furniture or an entire room. The arrangement of throw pillows will vary by your space and the size of your furniture. Whether you want couch pillows or accent pillows for a king-sized bed, there are so many different options for arranging pillows to compliment your space. Available in many dimencions.