We have a wide range of supplies to fit all of your upholstery needs. If you don't see it on the website, that does not mean we do not have it or cannot get it.
Automotive upholstery fabric
There are many types of automobile upholstery fabric to choose from. The process of picking the right fabric for your car often involves a lot of time and scrutiny. We know that the mere selection can be very tedious. So, we made sure that our dear customers, just like you, would not have a hard time when finding the right automobile upholstery fabric. We have the best options in the market. The automobile upholstery fabric does not only have to look good. It should also be able to withstand battering from extensive use, particularly the ones for the seats and car doors. It should also be easy to clean and maintain too. At X.Unifoam , we have the most durable automotive fabric options which will also ensure that the interior of your vehicle will remain looking outstanding. We make sure that all our products have the highest quality.

Fabric  for the car headliner
Headliner fabric is different than regular material used for upholstery. Headliner fabric has a special foam backing on it that will mold to the contours of the vehicles roof. A headliner is the "ceiling" of a vehicle, it is used to give a nice finished look to the vehicle interior area overhead and to help hide wiring and lighting that is run through the top. In most vehicles wiring for the sound system and interior lighting in run through the top and hidden under the headliner panel. There are also weather and sound proofing elements installed underneath the headliner. The headliner fabric pulls it all together and gives it a nice finished look. At X.Unifoam  we never compromise on the materials we use. All of our headliner materials are supplied by the world's leading companies. They have been extensively tested and evaluated to ensure they meet our high standards.

Genuine Leather
We can offer you genuine leathers in all the basic colours used in the automotive industry. The quality of the leather is in line with the standards of the automotive aftermarket industry.

Synthetic leathers - Vinyls
At X.Unifoam , you're sure to find the perfect fabric, texture and color to enhance the interior of your vehicle. Match your existing headliner or select something different; it's up to you. We have  many fabric choices available .

Anti slip Vinyl
Anti Slip Finish vinyl  is excellent for motorcycle, ATV, jetski, bicycle, automotive, and marine applications.

Automotive upholstery threads
The automotive sector requires high quality approved filament sewing threads for seat covers and other automotive systems. Specifications of materials used inside a passenger car must be robust enough to survive the life of the car (12-24 years), be able to withstand constant abrasion, soiling and scuffing, and retain strength and colour under high sunlight temperatures in excess of 45°C  on a hot day. Bondex is made from 100% continuous Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon 6.6) high tenacity yarn.The thread bonded together so that the plies will not open during further processes and improves the qualities of thread.

Automotive adhesives
We offer a complete line of automotive adhesive with the fastest, safest and most efficient solution for automotive interior assembly. Our glues and adhesives are such good quality. When trimming anything that's going to be subjected to high temperatures, such as headlinings or campervan sidelinings, be sure to use either contact spray or high temperature spread glue. Our adhesive is ideal for use when attaching automotive carpet flooring and foam. It is designed for use when attaching materials likely to be exposed to higher temperatures of up to 70°C. High Temperature

Automotive materials

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