Our production
Our foams counts among its fundamental objectives the quality of the production processes and finished products, and also the desire to offer one of the broadest product ranges on the market with various  grades for the most diverse applications and needs. X.Unifoam  does not limit itself to the simple sale of its products. It also conducts a series of activities and services with the support of its technical, marketing and commercial staff to ensure that all application-related issues are resolved . In order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, X.Unifoam  always aims for the highest quality through tireless innovation of technologies and products. This is why  our  products are unmatched for comfort.

Polyurethane foam
Flexible polyurethane foam is used as cushioning for a variety of consumer and commercial products including bedding furniture automotive interiors carpet underlay and packaging.
Flexible foam can be created in almost any variety of shapes and firmness. itis light, durable, supportive and comfortable.
Our extensive range of foam grades adheres to all the required legislative and industry regulations and  environmental safeguards .
We offer various grades of  Foams and  are available in various densities .
D20 - D25 (Soft & Hard) - D30 (Soft & Hard) - D40  (Soft & Hard)

High Resilience and Fire returdant
It is  open cell flexible poly urethane foam that has a less uniform  cell structure that helps  add support comfort and resilience  extremely responsive and offer the same level of support  as high density foam

Rebonded foam
Is an open cell polyurethane foam manufactured by compressing scrap and shredded foam into one solid slab this is extremely durable foam is very dense and responsive and offer same level of support as high density foam

Acoustic foam
Our convoluted acoustic foam  panels feature a classic pyramid crate design to offer excellent sound deadening and echo absorption.An affordable choice for sound convoluted puramid create offering a room of any size, are easy to shape an cut to they same time are  rigid and firm that delivers long term durability  even  in busy recording studios /the effectiveness is determined  the ability to absorb a nuisance sound waves   across the frequency spectrum. Convolute puramid shape designs are used because it increase  panels availability surface area which  in turn increases the likelihood that echoes  revibratation absorbed.
Not only does this import the sound quality inside the threated room but also keeps outside noise from getting in and vise versa